Eblast or Newsletter or Both?

The answer is “it depends.” And it depends on so many things. Like the message you are promoting. Is it a simple, one-time actionable message or is it an ongoing, ever-changing body of content. Is this a first time or recurring engagement. If recurring, what level of engagement have you had with the recipients?

Whatever the scenario, we can help. We are a full-service eblast and newsletter shop with literally hundreds of deliverables under our belt that have hit literally millions of in-boxes. We can take your message from design to code and straight through to deployment.

No time to write copy? No problem, just send us a brief. We’ve got talented copywriters who specialize in just about every industry — B2B or B2C, it’s NBD.

Already manage a list using an Email Service Provider? Just need us to design and code your stuff? Or just code it? Again, no problem. We’re happy to help out anywhere in the email marketing workflow.

We can deploy (fancy word for hitting the “Send” button) to 100 or 100,000 recipients and can even work with segmented lists. Want to track opens and clicks? We bet you do. Our reporting shows how many folks received, opened, clicked and forwarded your email. Oh, and we can tell you what they clicked on and how many times. Cha-ching!